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Articles and Essays 2022

Amanda Morell
Morell Past(a), Present, and Future PDF

Past(a), Present, and Future:
The Story of a Starchy Staple

Kenji Byron Ogata
Ogata Matilda of Canossa’s Agency PDF

Matilda of Canossa’s Agency:
An Essay on the Miniatures in a Medieval Manuscript (Vaticanus Latinus 4922)

Isaiah Colton Thompson
ompson Illuminating “Cardboard Villains” PDF

Illuminating “Cardboard Villains:”
The Christian Witness against Judaism in a “Bible Moralisée”
(Codex Vindobonesis 2554)

Juan Carlos Villalovos
Villalovos Revolutions, Empires, and Republics PDF

Revolutions, Empires, and Republics:
Secularizing Nineteenth-Century French Education

Chad Wilson
Wilson From Wilsonianism to Leninism PDF

From Wilsonianism to Leninism:
Ho-Chi-Minh’s Transition from Liberalism to Communism

Desiree Montes
Montes Speaking in Silence PDF

Speaking in Silence:
F. W. Murnau’s Expressionist Films (1917-1931)

Joseph Dainko Young
Young One Vision, One Metropolis, One Village PDF

One Vision, One Metropolis, One Village:
The Impact and Legacy of the 1932 Los Angeles Athletic City

Kody Allen Moore
Moore Forming Fascists PDF

Forming Fascists:
Psychological Manipulation in Italy (1922-1945)

Dakota Vasco
Vasco A Velvet Glove and a Big Stick PDF

A Velvet Glove and a Big Stick:
General Douglas MacArthur, Emperor Hirohito, and
State-Building in Japan (1945-1952) 

Michael Anderson
Anderson Reigning Sound in Postwar Europe PDF

Reigning Sound in Postwar Europe:
Holocaust Remembrance Music and the Healing Nature of Song

Luca Azuma
Azuma The Case for a Bigger Tent PDF

The Case for a Bigger Tent:
Perspectives from Gay Conservatives in America

Humberto Mendez Valadez
Mendez Valadez The Decline of Romania’s Population after Communism PDF

The Decline of Romania’s Population after Communism:
The Impact of a Missing Generation

Alison Jean Helget
Helget Branding the American Jezebel PDF

Branding the American Jezebel:
The Evolution of a Consumer Character

Monique Garcia
Garcia Impreuna Putem PDF

Impreuna Putem / Together, We Can:
The Movement to Save Berlin’s Roma and Sinti Memorial

Melissa Sanford
Sanford American Autumn PDF

American Autumn:
A History of U.S. Imperial Decline (1991-2021)

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