Articles and Essays

Christopher E. Ortega

The Mother Goddess and Her “Metragyrtai”: Cultural Gender Norms and Eunuch Priests from Sixth-Century BCE Greece to the Early Roman Empire

Charles Cauffman

“The strong do what they will, and the weak do what they must”:
Spartan Imperialism and Political Transformation (405-395 BCE) after the Peloponnesian War

Geoffrey Gue

Brunanburh (937 AD):
The Battle That Made England

Zachary John Guillaume

An Emperor’s Journey with Trauma:
Basil II of Byzantium (b. 958, r. 976-1025)

Gareth O’Neal

“Witness in Brass”:
The Funerary Monuments of English Knights (ca. 1300-ca. 1600)

Matthew M. Payan

The Fifth Vow: Ignatian Pedagogy and the Impact of the “Constitutions,” “Ratio Studiorum,”
and “Spiritual Exercises” on Liberal Education in the Sixteenth Century

Nicole Sueda

Foundations for Modernity:
The Impact of the Battle of Sekigahara (1600) and Tokugawa Ieyasu on Japan

Noah Stevens

The Role of Fences in the American Revolution

Louis Filliger

“A Roman would turn back”:
Napoleon Bonaparte’s Invasion of Russia (1812)

Rebecca Stolzer

The Romanticist’s Cure for Cholera:
An Alternative Reading of Alexandre Dumas’s “Travels in Switzerland” (1834)

Natalie Vandercook

The Alamo:
A Battle for Interpretation from 1836 to the Present

Derek Taylor

Creating Southern Thunder:
The Evolution of Confederate Gunpowder Production during the American Civil War

Scott Torres

“Sit and stay”:
Max von Stephanitz’s German Shepherd Dog

Luis Roberto Renteria III

George Gershwin’s “Summertime” (1935):
A Cultural Anthem of Twentieth-Century America

Amelia Nixon

Meet the Monuments Men:
Adaptors, Outsiders, and Visionaries in 1940s Europe

Helen Yoshida

Photographing “Disloyalty”:
Masayuki Yoshida and the Images of Farewell at Heart Mountain (September 21, 1943)

Cristian Ramirez

The Struggle for Mobility:
The G.I. Bill and African American Veterans in the South after World War II

Michael Sinatra

The Ways of the Victors:
The Fractured Legacy of the Tokyo War Crimes Trial (1946-1948)

Miguel A. Quirarte

A Bloody Memory:
Tlatelolco (1968) in Mexican Pop Culture

Sydney Dodenhoff

Historical Narratives:
Products of Ontology and Hierarchy

Kenneth de Seriere

Thought Processes:
How the Past Affects the Future

Stephanie Delateur

Using Theory to Explore Historiography

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