Articles and Essays 2021

 Michael Alex Conti 

 Saint Andrew’s First-Century Prophecy of Division:
The Founding of Kiev and the Idea of the Third Rome 

 Edward Najjarine 

 Islam Meets Western Modernity:
The Travels of Rifa’a al-Tahtawi (1801-1873) and Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966) 

 Christopher Dean Robbins 

 Leaping Devils, Mutated Swine, and Deadly Doubles:
Dark Folklore in Early Victorian England (1830s-1870s) 

 Michaela Malneritch 

 A Morbid Remembrance?
The Purpose of Nineteenth-Century Victorian Death Portraits 

 Diana Chang 

 Rebranding Chile:
Nineteenth-Century Modernization Efforts and Their Consequences 

 Luca Azuma 

 Cooking the Books and Frying the Economy:
The Discounted Impacts of the Panic of 1866 in the United Kingdom 

 Josh Kreeger 

 “Another town, another maiden”:
German Colonial Postcards as Propaganda (1884-1914) 

 Ian Woodson Fisher 

 Darius Milhaud
and His French “Saudades” of Brazil (1917-1919) 

 Eric Lomax 

 Warriors or Peacekeepers?
British Colonial Police in Ireland (1919-1921) and Palestine (1920-1948) 

 Danielle Bennett 

 “All I wanted was to be a good citizen”:
Fred Lau’s Chinese Diasporic Experience in 1920s-1950s California 

 Raul Quinonez 

 A Voluntary Exodus?
Self-Repatriation from the U.S. to Mexico during the 1930s 

Diego Barros 

The Mighty Ninety:
Black Americans Championing the Cause of Freedom in Republican Spain 

Michael Anderson 

Swing Reich:
A Cultural Analysis of Jazz during World War II 

Jovanee Castrejon 

Out-of-This-World Thrills:
The Psychological and Social Aspects of American Astronauts’ Life in Space 

Renee D. Jean 

Rejection in the Revolution:
Leninist Theory and the Weather Underground (1969-1974) 

Shanna J. Bice 

Enchanted Statues, Candy Cottages, and Bloody Keys:
The Modern Tourist Experience on Germany’s Historical Fairy Tale Road 

Gareth O’Neal 

“Ever true unto your forefathers stalwart stay”:
Týr’s Folk Metal as a Neo-Medievalist Response to the Perceived Loss of Culture 

Jeffrey Mark Leavitt 

Memories in Emulsion:
Photography and the Remembrance of Japanese Incarceration