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Editions 2022

Bobby Lapointe, Jacob Romero, and Aramis Sandoval
Lapointe Romero Sandoval Edition PDF

From the Battlefields of the Civil War to the Homesteads of Nebraska:
The Turbulent Lives of the Durkee Family (1862-1895)

Rachel Jensen, Corinne Pysher, and Quan H. Tran
Jensen, Pysher, Tran Edition PDF

“Camp life was fun at first, but the novelty has already worn out:”
Hiroko Nonoshita’s Reflections on Japanese American Internment in
Manzanar, California (1942-1944)

Michael A. Conti, Jacob Lange, Desiree Montes, and Melissa Sanford
Conti, Lange, Montes, Sanford Edition PDF

“All I eat, drink, sleep, and dream about is home and you and love.”
Sidney Goldman’s Post-War Letters from Manila (January 1946)

Colin B. Eastman and Mercy Reyes
Eastman and Reyes Edition PDF

Mentoring Santa Ana’s Future:
An Interview with Police Officer Alan Bond (1973)

Anthony Chavez, Moriah P. Esquivel Narang, and Osbaldo Jr. Rubalcava
Chavez, Narang, Rubalcava Edition PDF

A Career Launched by a Photograph:
Recollections by Cal State Fullerton’s Lincoln Scholar Ronald Rietveld (1997)

Sandra Alvarado, Eric Morales, and Drisel Perez Gutierrez
Alvarado, Morales, Gutierrez Edition PDF

“They breathe color!”
Chicana Artist Margaret Garcia (b. 1951) and Her Activism in Los Angeles

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