Michaela Malneritch and Michael Ortega

A Glimpse into North America’s Colonial Past:
The Blackden-Stoddard Letters (May 22, 1771, to April 10, 1773)

Stephanie Reilly and Sierra Sampson

Family Perspectives on the American Revolution:
The Blackden-Stoddard Letters (June 3, 1773, to October 29, 1778)

Jessica Kim

The Travels of Samuel Blackden after the American Revolution:
Letters to Sally Blackden (August 17, 1792, to September 18, 1799)

Christopher Saravia and Stephen Van Daalen Wetters with Eduardo Barrios

Peralta Family Business:
Letters from Rancho San Antonio (California) in the 1850s

Alisa Morgan and Kate Tello

From the Stage of the Pasadena Playhouse to the Theaters of World War II:
The Chinn Letters from the Dr. Fairfax Proudfit Walkup Theatre Collection

(September 3, 1941, to June 6, 1946)

Gareth O’Neal and Kelsey Anne Pierce

“Do not let the red cross alarm you”:
Wartime Letters from the Dr. Fairfax Proudfit Walkup Theatre Collection (1942-1943)

Louis Filliger and Brian A. Pitchford

A Pious Revelation to a Friend:
Philip K. Dick’s 1975 Metaphysics

Matthew M. Payan and Dale Skarecky

From the Black Forest to Pacific Palisades:
The Life and Journey of Kurt Toppel (1932-2018) during and after World War II

Andrew Cordes and Geoffrey Gue

The Memories of Elfa Ernst (1935-2019):
Surviving Nazi-Controlled Europe and Thriving in California

James Marshall Novak and Luis Roberto Renteria III

The Voice of Jean Ardell:
News Media and Political Courage behind the “Orange Curtain”

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