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Editions 2023

Robert Fleming, Rachel Jensen, and Jesus Vazquez
Fleming, Jensen, Vazquez Edition

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered:
A Contract of Sale for Land in England (1826)

Andromeda Massé
Massé Edition

“Su Afectísimo Compadre”: Letters of Business and Family
from the Two Californias (1845–1876)

Marcus Arnwine and Anthony Chavez
Arnwine and Chavez Edition

Yankee Doodle Diary: Union Soldier Francis Marion Johnson’s
Recollections of the American Civil War (1863)

Melissa B. Garrison and Carlos J. Marin
Garrison and Marin Edition

“A dream of the golden past”:
Experiencing Southern California through Postcards (1906–1924)

Sergio Daniel Sifuentes
Sifuentes Edition

La Independencia, an Original Orange County Colonia:
Recollections by Nellie Pando Rocha (1982)

Mitchell Granger, Wesley Ha, and Isaiah Colton Thompson
Granger, Ha, and Thompson Edition

“You either were a follower of Martin Luther King or [...] of Malcolm X”:
Joseph Milton’s Memories of the Civil Rights Era, U.S. South, and Vietnam

Anthony Lambright and Jacob Nikolson
Lambright and Nikolson Edition

“A minority within a minority”:
The Joseph Cordova Interview (February 6, 1973)

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