Editions 2020

Shannon Deana Landreth and Anissa Lopez

Family Matters in Post-Revolutionary War North America:

The Blackden-Stoddard Letters (July 8, 1800, to July 24, 1809)

Raumi Majd Kinan, Joshua Kyle Kreeger-Johnston,
Timothy Joseph Mancillas,
and Sierra Rey Sampson

“I have mingled extensively with all kinds of people”:

Azariah Ashley Bancroft’s “Recollections” (1880-1884)

Glenn Patrick Doherty and Amer Hamid

The Drudgery of a Dramatist:

George Bernard Shaw’s Correspondence with Frederick Whelen (1896-1916)

Christopher Dean Robbins and Erika Gabriela Victoria

A Journey to the Southern Continent:

The Allen C. Thomson Antarctic Expedition Diary (1911-1913)

Michael James Thomas and Christopher Braulio Saravia

Letters from “Sid” Goldman:

A Tire Technician in World War II (1944-1945)

Ian Woodson Fisher

“Magnificent degrees and permutations of variability”:

Letters between Frank Herbert and His Editors (1959-1968)

Amr Mohamed Riched and Nicholas Duy Nguyen

The Black Question in America and the Pan-African Movement:

An Interview with Trinidadian Intellectual C. L. R. James (1901-1989)

Andres Munoz-Ramirez and Giovanni D. Romero

The Memories of Hortencia Martínez de Benítez (b. 1926):

Struggles and Repercussions of Repatriation to México in the 1930s

Monique Garcia and Isaiah Colton Thompson

“What is it worth to be a citizen if they can do this to you”:

Oscar Bauman’s Memories of Discrimination during World War II