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First deadline for submissions:       Monday, August 28, 2023, noon (PDT).

Second deadline for submissions:   Monday, December 18, 2023, noon (PST).

The Welebaethan: A Journal of History invites authors to submit their scholarly articles and essays (including article-length theses); editions of archival materials (e.g., of manuscripts, oral histories, and historical photographs); as well as reviews (e.g., of books, exhibitions, films, documentaries, TV shows, podcasts, and games that are of interest to historians) for publication consideration; reviews must pertain to items with a publication/release date of January 1, 2021, or thereafter.


Submissions should be authored either by undergraduate or graduate scholars at California State University, Fullerton, who are currently matriculated or have graduated within one year before the journal’s next publication date (summer 2024); or by undergraduate or graduate scholars from other institutions, as long as a brief recommendation written on letterhead by a faculty member from the author’s home institution is sent directly via e-mail to the journal’s faculty advisor by the respective deadline. Authors do not have to be History majors. Multi-author submissions may be considered. Authors may submit more than one item for publication consideration but must send each item attached to a separate e-mail (see below).


Citations must follow the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes-Bibliography style). Authors should consult the journal’s current volume as a guideline when they prepare their citations. Submissions must be in the form of MS Word documents, carefully proofread, and with as little formatting as possible. The responsibility to obtain copyright clearance and permission to publish with regard to archival materials and images rests with the authors and will be required in writing. Note that “public domain” does not equal copyright clearance or permission to publish.


Authors must attach their submission as a MS Word document and send it via e-mail by the respective deadline (see above). The following must be included in the original e-mail:


  1. the author’s full name, e-mail address, and cell phone number;

  2. a very brief bio of the author (consult the bios in the journal’s current volume as a guideline);

  3. the title of the submission;

  4. the type of submission (i.e., article, essay, edition, or review);

  5. a brief abstract (for articles and essays only; consult the journal’s current volume as a guideline);

  6. the name of the class for which the submission was originally produced;

  7. the name of the professor who taught the class;

  8. the semester and year (e.g., spring 2023) during which the submission was completed;

  9. the institution (e.g., CSUF) where the submission was completed;

  10. a statement whether a plagiarism report (e.g., Turnitin) was generated for the submission;

  11. for archival material and images only, a statement whether copyright clearance and permission to publish has been obtained; if yes, the respective paperwork must be scanned and attached (PDF);

  12. this statement: “If my submission is accepted, I, [insert author’s name], agree to cooperate with the editorial staff of ‘The Welebaethan’ in a timely fashion to prepare my submission for publication. I declare that the work submitted herewith is mine, not AI-generated, and constitutes original, previously unpublished scholarship that is not currently under publication consideration elsewhere.”


Complete submissions will be acknowledged via e-mail within thirty business days. All submissions will undergo triple-blind review (usually by CSUF’s matriculated scholars, faculty members, and alumni). Decisions will be communicated to authors within thirty business days after the respective deadline (see above). Acceptance for publication is provisional and contingent upon an author’s collaboration with the editors and timely consent to final galleys. The Welebaethan is an online publication and registered with the Library of Congress: ISSN 2692-501X. Inquiries should be sent via e-mail.

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