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Reviews 2022

Books (one PDF)
Reviews Books PDF
  • Anderson, Arthur J. O., and Susan Schroeder, trans. and eds.
    Codex Chimalpahin: Society and Politics in Mexico [Volume 2].
    Reviewed by Sandra Alvarado


  • Bevins, Vincent.
    The Jakarta Method: Washington’s Anticommunist Crusade.
    Reviewed by Melissa Sanford

  • Brown, Nancy Marie.
    The Real Valkyrie: The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women.
    Reviewed by Anthony Chavez


  • Burrough, Bryan, Chris Tomlinson, and Jason Stanford.
    Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth.
    Reviewed by Drisel Perez Gutierrez


  • Gladwell, Malcolm.
    The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War.
    Reviewed by Jacob Lange


  • Grandin, Greg.
    The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America.
    Reviewed by Melissa Sanford


  • Harkins, Anthony, and Meredith McCarroll, eds.
    Appalachian Reckoning: A Region Responds to Hillbilly Elegy.
    Reviewed by Bobby Lapointe


  • Keefe, Patrick Radden.
    Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty.
    Reviewed by Quan H. Tran


  • Kobes Du Mez, Kristin.
    Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and
    Fractured a Nation.

    Reviewed by Corinne Pysher

  • Kupperman, Karen Ordahl.
    Pocahontas and the English Boys: Caught Between Cultures in Early Virginia.
    Reviewed by Desiree Montes


  • Moore, Kate.
    The Woman They Could Not Silence: One Woman, Her Incredible Fight for Freedom.
    Reviewed by Rachel Jensen


  • Pollack, Kenneth M.
    Armies of Sand: The Past, Present, and Future of Arab Military Effectiveness.
    Reviewed by Jacob Lange


  • Winchester, Simon.
    Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World.
    Reviewed by Drisel Perez Gutierrez


Films/Docs/TV Shows/Podcasts
Exhibitions (one PDF)
Reviews Exhibitions PDF
  • Double Victory: The African American Military Experience [online exhibition].
    Reviewed by Trenton Buzzone 


  • The Mausoleum Museum of the First Emperor of Qin [online exhibition].
    Reviewed by Erika Victoria 

Films/Documentaries/TV Shows (one PDF)
Reviews Films Documentaries TV Shows PDF
  • All Is True [film]. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.
    Reviewed by Gabriel Taggard 


  • The Assassination of Gianni Versace [TV series]. Directed by Ryan Murphy et al.
    Reviewed by Erika Victoria 


  • Belly of the Beast [documentary film]. Directed by Erika Cohn.
    Reviewed by Starlina Sanchez 


  • Cable Girls/Las chicas del cable [TV series]. Directed by Carlos Sedes et al.
    Reviewed by Josh Kreeger


  • Chernobyl [TV miniseries]. Directed by Johan Renck.
    Reviewed by
    Raumi Kinan 

  • Dark Waters [film]. Directed by Todd Haynes.
    Reviewed by Matthew Kelly 


  • The King [film]. Directed by David Michôd.
    Reviewed by Josh Kreeger 


  • The Last Czars [TV docudrama]. Directed by Adrian McDowall and Gareth Tunley.
    Reviewed by Jessica Parker 


  • Rise of Empires: Ottoman [TV docudrama]. Directed by Emre Şahin.
    Reviewed by Michael Alex Conti 


  • Vienna Blood [TV series]. Directed by Robert Dornhelm and Umut Dag.
    Reviewed by Christopher Dean Robbins 

Games (one PDF)
Reviews Games PDF
  • Deus Lo Vult: The Board Game. Designer: Michael Badelin.
    Reviewed by Gareth O’Neal 


  • A Plague Tale: Innocence. Developer: Asobo Studio.
    Reviewed by Josh Kreeger 


  • Red Dead Redemption 2. Developer: Rockstar Games.
    Reviewed by Emanuel Ayala


  • The Sinking City. Developer: Frogwares.
    Reviewed by
    Christopher Dean Robbins

Exhibitions (one PDF)
Reviews Exhibitions PDF
  • Calle Principal: Mi México en Los Ángeles. LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes.
    Reviewed by Eric Morales


  • Dimensions in Testimony. Holocaust Museum LA.
    Reviewed by Corinne Pysher


  • Stories of Cinema. Academy Museum of Motion Pictures LA.
    Reviewed by Mercy Reyes


Films/Documentaries/TV Shows/Podcasts (one PDF)
Reviews Films Documentaries TV Shows PDF
  • 1917 [film]. Directed by Sam Mendes.
    Reviewed by Aramis Sandoval


  • Barbarians: Season 1 [TV series]. Directed by Barbara Eder and Steve St. Leger.
    Reviewed by Michael A. Conti


  • Dance of the 41 [film]. Directed by David Pablos.
    Reviewed by Eric Morales


  • The Dig [film]. Directed by Simon Stone.
    Reviewed by Moriah P. Esquivel Narang


  • Freud [TV series]. Directed by Marvin Kren.
    Reviewed by Desiree Montes


  • Monumental Crossroads [documentary film]. Directed by Tim Van den Hoff.
    Reviewed by Jacob Romero


  • Noble Blood [podcast]. Hosted by Dana Schwartz.
    Reviewed by Rachel Jensen


  • The Professor and the Madman [film]. Directed by P. B. Shemran (Farhad Safinia).
    Reviewed by Osbaldo Jr. Rubalcava

Games (one PDF)
Reviews Games PDF
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. Developer: Sucker Punch Productions.
    Reviewed by Anthony Chavez


  • Humankind. Developer: Amplitude Studios.
    Reviewed by Quan H. Tran


  • Imperator: Rome. Developer: Paradox Development Studio.
    Reviewed by Colin B. Eastman


  • A Total War Saga: Troy Mythos. Developer: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive.
    Reviewed by Michael A. Conti


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