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Front Matter


Editors’ Preface

History Awards

Phi Alpha Theta 

Submission Guidelines 

Welebaethan 2020 PDF
Volume 49 (2022)
Welebaethan 2022 PDF
Articles and Essays
Articles and Essays
Articles & Essays 2022
Amanda Morell
Morell Past(a), Present, and Future PDF

Past(a), Present, and Future:
The Story of a Starchy Staple

Kenji Byron Ogata
Ogata Matilda of Canossa’s Agency PDF

Matilda of Canossa’s Agency:
An Essay on the Miniatures in a Medieval Manuscript (Vaticanus Latinus 4922)

Isaiah Colton Thompson
ompson Illuminating “Cardboard Villains” PDF

Illuminating “Cardboard Villains:”
The Christian Witness against Judaism in a “Bible Moralisée”
(Codex Vindobonesis 2554)

Juan Carlos Villalovos
Villalovos Revolutions, Empires, and Republics PDF

Revolutions, Empires, and Republics:
Secularizing Nineteenth-Century French Education

Chad Wilson
Wilson From Wilsonianism to Leninism PDF

From Wilsonianism to Leninism:
Ho-Chi-Minh’s Transition from Liberalism to Communism

Desiree Montes
Montes Speaking in Silence PDF

Speaking in Silence:
F. W. Murnau’s Expressionist Films (1917-1931)

Joseph Dainko Young
Young One Vision, One Metropolis, One Village PDF

One Vision, One Metropolis, One Village:
The Impact and Legacy of the 1932 Los Angeles Athletic City

Kody Allen Moore
Moore Forming Fascists PDF

Forming Fascists:
Psychological Manipulation in Italy (1922-1945)

Dakota Vasco
Vasco A Velvet Glove and a Big Stick PDF

A Velvet Glove and a Big Stick:
General Douglas MacArthur, Emperor Hirohito, and
State-Building in Japan (1945-1952) 

Michael Anderson
Anderson Reigning Sound in Postwar Europe PDF

Reigning Sound in Postwar Europe:
Holocaust Remembrance Music and the Healing Nature of Song

Luca Azuma
Azuma The Case for a Bigger Tent PDF

The Case for a Bigger Tent:
Perspectives from Gay Conservatives in America

Humberto Mendez Valadez
Mendez Valadez The Decline of Romania’s Population after Communism PDF

The Decline of Romania’s Population after Communism:
The Impact of a Missing Generation

Alison Jean Helget
Helget Branding the American Jezebel PDF

Branding the American Jezebel:
The Evolution of a Consumer Character

Monique Garcia
Garcia Impreuna Putem PDF

Impreuna Putem / Together, We Can:
The Movement to Save Berlin’s Roma and Sinti Memorial

Melissa Sanford
Sanford American Autumn PDF

American Autumn:
A History of U.S. Imperial Decline (1991-2021)

Editions 2022
Bobby Lapointe, Jacob Romero, and Aramis Sandoval
Lapointe Romero Sandoval Edition PDF

From the Battlefields of the Civil War to the Homesteads of Nebraska:
The Turbulent Lives of the Durkee Family (1862-1895)

Rachel Jensen, Corinne Pysher, and Quan H. Tran
Jensen, Pysher, Tran Edition PDF

“Camp life was fun at first, but the novelty has already worn out:”
Hiroko Nonoshita’s Reflections on Japanese American Internment in
Manzanar, California (1942-1944)

Michael A. Conti, Jacob Lange, Desiree Montes, and Melissa Sanford
Conti, Lange, Montes, Sanford Edition PDF

“All I eat, drink, sleep, and dream about is home and you and love.”
Sidney Goldman’s Post-War Letters from Manila (January 1946)

Colin B. Eastman and Mercy Reyes
Eastman and Reyes Edition PDF

Mentoring Santa Ana’s Future:
An Interview with Police Officer Alan Bond (1973)

Anthony Chavez, Moriah P. Esquivel Narang, and Osbaldo Jr. Rubalcava
Chavez, Narang, Rubalcava Edition PDF

A Career Launched by a Photograph:
Recollections by Cal State Fullerton’s Lincoln Scholar Ronald Rietveld (1997)

Sandra Alvarado, Eric Morales, and Drisel Perez Gutierrez
Alvarado, Morales, Gutierrez Edition PDF

“They breathe color!”
Chicana Artist Margaret Garcia (b. 1951) and Her Activism in Los Angeles

Reviews 2022
Books (one PDF)
Reviews Books PDF
  • Anderson, Arthur J. O., and Susan Schroeder, trans. and eds.
    Codex Chimalpahin: Society and Politics in Mexico [Volume 2].
    Reviewed by Sandra Alvarado


  • Bevins, Vincent.
    The Jakarta Method: Washington’s Anticommunist Crusade.
    Reviewed by Melissa Sanford

  • Brown, Nancy Marie.
    The Real Valkyrie: The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women.
    Reviewed by Anthony Chavez


  • Burrough, Bryan, Chris Tomlinson, and Jason Stanford.
    Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth.
    Reviewed by Drisel Perez Gutierrez


  • Gladwell, Malcolm.
    The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War.
    Reviewed by Jacob Lange


  • Grandin, Greg.
    The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America.
    Reviewed by Melissa Sanford


  • Harkins, Anthony, and Meredith McCarroll, eds.
    Appalachian Reckoning: A Region Responds to Hillbilly Elegy.
    Reviewed by Bobby Lapointe


  • Keefe, Patrick Radden.
    Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty.
    Reviewed by Quan H. Tran


  • Kobes Du Mez, Kristin.
    Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and
    Fractured a Nation.

    Reviewed by Corinne Pysher

  • Kupperman, Karen Ordahl.
    Pocahontas and the English Boys: Caught Between Cultures in Early Virginia.
    Reviewed by Desiree Montes


  • Moore, Kate.
    The Woman They Could Not Silence: One Woman, Her Incredible Fight for Freedom.
    Reviewed by Rachel Jensen


  • Pollack, Kenneth M.
    Armies of Sand: The Past, Present, and Future of Arab Military Effectiveness.
    Reviewed by Jacob Lange


  • Winchester, Simon.
    Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World.
    Reviewed by Drisel Perez Gutierrez


Exhibitions (one PDF)
Reviews Exhibitions PDF
  • Calle Principal: Mi México en Los Ángeles. LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes.
    Reviewed by Eric Morales


  • Dimensions in Testimony. Holocaust Museum LA.
    Reviewed by Corinne Pysher


  • Stories of Cinema. Academy Museum of Motion Pictures LA.
    Reviewed by Mercy Reyes


Films/Documentaries/TV Shows/Podcasts (one PDF)
Reviews Films Documentaries TV Shows PDF
  • 1917 [film]. Directed by Sam Mendes.
    Reviewed by Aramis Sandoval


  • Barbarians: Season 1 [TV series]. Directed by Barbara Eder and Steve St. Leger.
    Reviewed by Michael A. Conti


  • Dance of the 41 [film]. Directed by David Pablos.
    Reviewed by Eric Morales


  • The Dig [film]. Directed by Simon Stone.
    Reviewed by Moriah P. Esquivel Narang


  • Freud [TV series]. Directed by Marvin Kren.
    Reviewed by Desiree Montes


  • Monumental Crossroads [documentary film]. Directed by Tim Van den Hoff.
    Reviewed by Jacob Romero


  • Noble Blood [podcast]. Hosted by Dana Schwartz.
    Reviewed by Rachel Jensen


  • The Professor and the Madman [film]. Directed by P. B. Shemran (Farhad Safinia).
    Reviewed by Osbaldo Jr. Rubalcava

Games (one PDF)
Reviews Games PDF
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. Developer: Sucker Punch Productions.
    Reviewed by Anthony Chavez


  • Humankind. Developer: Amplitude Studios.
    Reviewed by Quan H. Tran


  • Imperator: Rome. Developer: Paradox Development Studio.
    Reviewed by Colin B. Eastman


  • A Total War Saga: Troy Mythos. Developer: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive.
    Reviewed by Michael A. Conti


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